Large index family for key use classes.

The broad range of our real estate indices contains price indices for the individual segments as well as diverse performance indices for direct and indirect real estate investments.

Asking-price index

Our quality-adjusted asking-price indices are calculated as Lowe indices, whereby the average weightings are determined on the basis of the offer volumes and a moving averaging. The asking-price indices are published for the following uses and regionalisation: rental, owner-occupied and single-family housing prices at the national level in Switzerland and monitoring regions as well as office-, retail- and commercial-space prices at the national level and in office-market regions. The update occurs quarterly (Switzerland overall) and bi-annually (market regions). The Wüest Partner asking-price indices are published regularly in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) [New Zurich Newspaper] and in Immo-Monitoring.

Large-scale transaction price index

The large-scale, transaction-based and quality-adjusted index can be obtained for all of Switzerland as well as the eight market regions (monitoring regions) for owner-occupied flats and single-family housing since 1985 until today. The update takes place on a quarterly basis, so the values reported in the current year are provisional. Additional indices are also available upon request.

Through the use and distribution of hedonic valuation functions for residential property since mid-1999, Wüest Partner has acquired approximately 20,000 arm’s length transactions annually.

Small-scale transaction price index

The transaction-based and quality-adjusted price indices are differentiated according to property type for 106 regions in Switzerland as well as 26 cantons. Since the first quarter of 2000, the indices have been reported on a quarterly basis and annually for the years from 1985 until today.

Capital market performance indices

Furthermore, we provide indices adjusted for dividend payments for the shares of listed real estate companies (WUPIX-A), listed real estate fund (WUPIX-F) as well as the index for real estate investment foundations (KGAST Immo-Index). For comparison, the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) is also disclosed.

WUPIX-A and WUPIX-F are registered trademarks of Wüest Partner AG. The calculation is made according to internationally recognized standards and to the best of our knowledge and belief. Wüest Partner reserves the right to make any changes or corrections to the indexes at any time, also retroactively. No liability is assumed for damages caused by changes.

Real estate market performance indices

For the analyses of the yields on directly held property portfolios, real estate market data from MSCI are used, which are provided via its brand Investment Property Databank (IPD). The indices are indicated at the Swiss level and for the agglomerations.