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at Wüest Partner

Taking responsibility for
today and for tomorrow

Acting responsibly towards current and future generations is central to us. For us, true corporate sustainability means contributing to the positive development of the real estate industry, society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our responsibility towards our customers and employees, as well as towards society, seriously. We therefore consider key aspects of social, economic and ecological sustainability in all our business activities and developments.

Our commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is focused on the following areas, among others:

  • Service approach: services that contribute to a sustainable future
  • Innovation: innovative solutions to meet sustainability challenges
  • Knowledge transfer: professional development, information and publications for a contribution to sustainable real estate management
  • Human capital management: employee management and treatment
  • Company operations: resource utilization and management

Principles for Responsible Investment

Wüest Partner promotes innovative solutions for sustainability in the construction and real estate sector. By joining the “Principles for Responsible Investment PRI” initiative, the company has clearly positioned itself for value-oriented company management and is making active efforts on behalf of social and environmental issues.

Responsibility for sustainable development on a social, economic and ecological level

In all service areas, Wüest Partner focuses on the holistic consideration of construction-related, operational, organizational and facility-related aspects. We take full account of ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria when dealing with your concerns. Our subsidiary, durable, places us in a strong position for shared innovative solutions around sustainability in the construction and real estate market.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic sustainability consulting
  • ESG consulting and individual solutions
  • Consultation on reducing CO2 and achieving net zero
  • Valuation with sustainability criteria in mind
  • Energy concepts
  • Ratings and certifications
  • Sustainability reporting

A strong commitment to our employees has always been a matter of course and part of our corporate culture. We are aware that our long-term business success depends on individual people, their talents and the way they work together as a team. That is why we promote knowledge, mental and physical well-being, and inclusion and diversity through social activities and initiatives.

We offer our employees numerous opportunities for professional and personal development – for example by sponsoring further training, innovations or courses from the Wüest Academy.

We see the transfer of our industry knowledge as an elementary component of further developing the construction and real estate industry. By systematically training and promoting experts, we lay the foundation for sustainable market success. The Wüest Academy offers a range of educational programs, including a subject-area-focused series of events for industry experts, as well as specialist courses for the community.

With our well-developed educational programs, we aim to advance the exchange of expertise, contribute to the transfer of knowledge, and guide the construction and real estate industry to sustainable success.

We want to contribute to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Climate Protection Plan 2050. How do we align our working methods and performance with these goals? We cover the most important sustainability labels in our certification program and help protect the environment with innovative solutions.

Wüest Partner’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There are many interfaces between aspects of our wide-ranging corporate activities and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The following shows how our engagement priorities are reflected in the UN SDGs.