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Wüest Dimensions

Wuest Dimensions

Wüest Dimensions

From data to insights to sound decisions. Intelligent, reliable and cutting edge.

Wüest Dimensions is the comprehensive digital solution for professional real estate management. Active asset and portfolio management, valuation, benchmarking, performance and risk analyses, and sustainability ratings. The modular applications open up new dimensions for sustainable value creation.

Wuest Dimensions

300 Mrd. CHF

Assets under Management


Companies and 10’000 users


Real estate yield

3 Mio.

Homes p.a.

Wüest Dimensions Modules

Wüest Dimensions Core


  • BI & Dashboards
  • Automation
  • Reports
  • Business Expertise
  • Interfaces & API


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Models & Ratings
  • Spatial location and real estate data
  • Benchmarks & Comparables

Expand your dimensions for market success

From real estate professionals
for real estate professionals


Valuation combines various models and functionalities for efficient and detailed valuation of all types of properties in your portfolio.

The methods take into account established standards and include the following models: discounted cash flow (DCF), residual value (RES), capitalization (CAP), hedonic models (HED), etc.

Wüest Dimensions
Wüest Dimensions

Market Data Analysis

Comprehensive, detailed geo-referenced real estate market analyses – that’s what Market Data Analysis offers. Current and historical data on real estate markets as well as socio-demographic data enable far-sighted analyses and differentiated ratings of locations. The integrated, intuitively usable functionalities enable a targeted use of the comprehensive data pools.

Investment Management

Professional comprehensive real estate investment management on one platform. A reliable database is the foundation for sustainable value creation.

Ensure goal-oriented portfolio management and optimal performance. Meet the diverse information needs of all internal and external stakeholders.

Wüest Dimensions
Wüest Dimensions

Process Management

Comprehensive process management for the administration of object and stakeholder data. Intelligent, value-oriented for highest quality requirements and efficient collaboration.

Achieve more sustainable and higher returns, as well as lower costs and risks. All aspects of the entire value chain united on one platform.

Wüest Dimensions platform at a glance

Text, File, Scoreboard

Platform Services

  • Continuous updates
  • Maintenance Services
  • 99% Availability
  • Data Protection & Security
  • Professional Support
  • Document Management
  • Trainings
  • Direct Access to Experts
Wüest Dimensions

New perspectives with
Wüest Dimensions

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