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Risk Management & Sustainability

Wüest Dimensions

Risk Management
& Sustainability

Intelligent, reliable and insightful.

Innovative ways to reduce risks and emissions

Unlock new opportunities for sustainable value creation with Wüest Dimensions’ “Risk Management & Sustainability” module, the intelligent solution for individual properties and portfolios. 

Identify vulnerabilities

Analyze anomalies to identify particularly vulnerable properties and segments. 

Simulate and test

Simulate market changes with scenarios and stress tests. 

Manage your portfolio

Realize your properties’ sustainability potential. 

Expand their dimensions
for market success.

Risk Management & Sustainability
with Wüest Dimensions

Risk identification and analysis

  • Comprehensive risk framework
  • Scenario management, stress testing and simulations
  • Sensitivity and attribution analysis
  • Return-risk analysis and optimisation based on the Sharpe Ratio

Ratings and Sustainability

  • Portfolio master data (including energy sources, refurbishments, etc.) 
  • CO2 consumption and reduction paths
  • Sustainability ratings (including ESI and ESG) 
  • CO2 and ESG benchmarking

All in one platform
Wüest Dimensions

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