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Renovationsbedarf und CO2 Emissionen von Immobilien interaktiv ermitteln

Wüest Refurb

The renovation and CO2 calculator
for real estate.
Ideal for banks in mortgage consulting.

Let your clients calculate a property’s renovation costs and corresponding development of CO2 emissions in just a few steps.

Renovation calculator


Sanierung und Nachhaltigkeit von Liegenschaften ermitteln

Business development 

Support your clients in the areas of renovation and sustainability to generate further business. 

Qualifizierte Leads sammeln mit Wüest Refurb

Qualified leads 

Receive detailed customer and property data from each assessment. 

Wüest Refurb Immobilien im eigenen Design

Customizable design 

Integrate Wüest Refurb into the existing design of your website or customer advisory tool. 

With Wüest Refurb, you can incorporate sustainability criteria into your mortgage advice.  

Help your clients identify building components needing refurbishment, the costs involved, and the development of CO2 emissions.

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Wüest Refurb?

How Wüest Refurb works

Intuitive data entry

Your clients enter the property characteristics and renovations already carried out directly on your website. The results are displayed in the form of interactive graphics.

Intuitive data entry
Comprehensive report by e-mail

Comprehensive report by e-mail

Clients receive a detailed PDF report by e-mail, the design of which you can customize to your preferences. The report shows the future renovation and heating requirements, as well as the associated costs and CO2 emissions over time.

Further highlights

  • The renovation and sustainability assessment is available for single-family homes, condominiums, and investment properties
  • White label solution: Easy integration into your website or system design (colors, fonts, texts and images)
  • Manage all contacts and their activities directly in the application (can also be connected to your CRM)
  • Unique user experience optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Available in several languages: DE, EN, FR, IT

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