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Wüest Appraisal

Wüest Appraisal

For banks and real estate brokers
who want to offer hedonic
real estate valuation.

Leverage the leading digital solution for professional hedonic property valuation to grow your business.

Leverage the leading digital solution for professional hedonic property valuation to grow your business.

A wide range of use cases

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Offer paid individual

Open up a new revenue stream by offering real estate valuations on your website (example).

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Online entry mask for

Simplify your processes and allow your customers to enter all property data directly on your website via our tool.

Digitize and simplify

Digitize and simplify

Reduce your workload by entering all property information directly into the tool during viewings.

With Wüest Appraisal you create professional hedonic valuations of single-family homes and condominiums for your clients.

Our fully digital solution enables you to tap into a new customer base and streamline your processes.

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Wüest Appraisal?

How Wüest Appraisal works

Professional valuations made easy

Your clients enter the property characteristics directly on your website. Alternatively, you can also request the property information from them (e.g., in the case of an e-mortgage) and input it yourself. Location-related information will be automatically added into the valuation model.

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Detailed valuation report

Detailed valuation report

Clients receive a comprehensive valuation report, including a micro-location profile and interactive Wüest LocationSpot location analysis. You can send it to them either automatically or manually.

Further highlights

  • Complete valuations are created and stored in conjunction with the industry-leading Wüest Dimensions
  • Manage all contacts and their activities directly in the application (can also be connected to your CRM)
  • White label solution: Easy integration into your website or system design (colors, fonts, texts and images)

Offer your customers more

Wüest Leads

Wüest Leads

Provide a free property valuation tool to win new clients.

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Wüest Refurb

Enable clients to easily determine CO2 emissions and
renovation costs.

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Wüest LocationSpot

Provide a simplified property search using interactive location analysis.

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