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We create a sound basis for decision-making by combining expertise, data, and digital solutions. This includes industry-leading and comprehensive services in the area of consulting, valuation, data & analytics, products, software, and education. 

Immo-Monitoring 2023 | 2 Spring edition (in German)

Immo-Monitoring 2023 | 2 Spring edition (in German)


With comprehensive data, relevant market information, and many years of experience, we provide the highest quality advice. We strengthen your certainty of action and help you make the best decision. Our goal is to uncover hidden potential for you and support you in exploiting it.

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Obtain transparency about market value and cost development for all types of real estate. Experienced experts analyze and value your properties and portfolios using standard industry procedures and state-of-the-art techniques.

Digital solutions

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Real estate management 

Rely on the leading real estate management platform and monitor your properties’ key value drivers with real-time market data, benchmarking, risk and sustainability analysis, intelligent investment processes, and management control.

Sales and consulting tools 

Expand your offering and attract new customers. From free brief property valuations on your website to hedonic valuations and a property renovation and CO₂ calculator, you will benefit from our tools and expertise. 

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Real estate market data, analyses, and forecasts 

Use Wüest Partner’s comprehensive data to succeed in the market. Get insights into the Swiss construction and real estate market of today and tomorrow, customizable location and property market data at a municipal level, and current rent and price indices. 

Want to get a quick and easy online property valuation to determine its purchase or sales price?

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