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Wüest Visits

Wüest Visits

The app that digitizes
real estate intuitively

Wüest Visits records
all important characteristics
of properties digitally on site

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Features Visits App

Feature 1

Feature 1

Standardized selection options for better comparability
Feature 2

Feature 2

Progressive Web Application (PWA): Usable on all smartphones and operating systems
Feature 3

Feature 3

Intuitive layout and high user experience for quick information acquisition
Feature 4

Feature 4

Can also be used without (mobile) Internet in all locations

Wüest Visits is an interactive, web-based application that drives digitization in the real estate market.

When inspecting properties, Visits digitally records the most important characteristics, such as materials, standard or condition. This is possible via an intuitive and fast interface. Any mobile device with the most common operating systems can be used for this purpose. Via an open interface to the Real Estate Data Exchange Platform (ERP), owners, managers, valuers and analysts work hand in hand – without loss of time or data.

Wuest Visits

After a successful property inventory, a detailed report is generated that shows the life cycle of the individual components and predicts the expected maintenance costs. Owners or potential buyers can better plan renovation investments and analyze which investment will pay off at which point in time.


  • Materialization: Standardized recording of the materialization of the individual component parts enables portfolio-wide evaluations
  • Attributes: Detailed and individual information of the buildings can be recorded by means of relevant attributes
  • Standard: Automatic assessment of the standard based on the recorded components and attributes of the building
  • Component life cycle: Analysis of the component life cycle including refurbishment suggestions is possible thanks to QC CAPEX solution.


  • Condition: Automatic suggestion for condition of component age during input, adjustment possible by means of controller
  • Usability: Standardized recording of usability
  • End systems: Fast export of the recorded data to end systems such as QC CAPEX or Wüest Dimensions
Real Estate Data Exchange Platform

Real Estate Data
Exchange Platform

The Real Estate Data Exchange Platform (ERP), which was developed specifically for this purpose, supports the smooth cooperation between owners, managers, analysts and valuers of real estate.

Intuitive and easy to use

  1. Step: Preparation ERP e.g. Wüest Dimensions, SIDAC
  2. Step: Start visits on mobile device and select property
  3. Step: Capture all relevant properties; add photos, enter attributes, materialize components
  4. Step: Transfer of all captured data to ERP

The data collected provide the foundation for further analyses, evaluations and strategic decisions in the development, valuation and management of real estate.

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