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Software development and operation

Software development and operation for high-quality, customized digital solutions, such as web applications. We offer you an all-round service package, ensure its stable operation and guarantee full support.  

We have many years of experience in quickly familiarizing ourselves with subject areas and processes on behalf of our customers. We bring cross-industry expertise, gained from numerous projects, to efficiently analyze and understand problems. 



Founded as a spin-off of ETH Zurich in 2005, Datahouse has been a Big Data specialist from the very beginning. It employs a multidisciplinary team of experts from the fields of data analysis, statistics, programming, databases and project management. Today, Datahouse is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wüest Partner AG. 

We offer you an all-round service package and, thanks to established technologies, develop high-quality, customized software solutions and web applications. We ensure their stable, low-maintenance operation and provide support you can rely on. 

Digitalization and innovation

We work with you to develop modern and individual concepts to digitize processes and enable optimal use of data. Thanks to interdisciplinary collaboration and agility, innovations emerge that create added value. 

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Innovative digital solutions provide direct access to the extensive data resources of the real estate market and enable decisions for success on the market.

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