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Market & Location Information

Wüest Dimensions

Real Estate
Market & Location

Detailed insights for informed decision-making. 

Data-driven intelligence combined with comprehensive data.

The digital “Market & Location Information” solution lets you track real estate indicators, location information and economic data in real time and with maximum precision. Save time,  secure an intelligent advantage, improve your performance and deepen your insights. 

Comprehensive data

Analyze comprehensible market data and ratings for individual regions and municipal areas as well for specific time periods. 

Detailed insights

Gain new insights with clear market data and ratings, combined with property data. 

Informed decisions 

Obtain comprehensive details and access the individual data points behind ratings and market prices, such as geocoded listings. 

Market & Location Information
Wüest Dimensions

Intelligent functionality 

  • Market and location analysis
  • Market and business Intelligence
  • Granular and detailed market analysis
  • Residential hedonic rent functions
  • Commercial hedonic rent functions

Comprehensive data

  • Valuation data
  • Natural hazards
  • Real estate and construction market
  • Location quality
  • Points of interest and development
  • Socio-demographics
  • Building and housing statistics
  • Macro locations
  • Pedestrian frequencies
  • Market tension
  • Information from authorities
  • Housing for seniors

All in one platform
Wüest Dimensions

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