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Carbon Due Diligence CDD

Carbon Due Diligence

Through a comprehensive Carbon Due Diligence (CDD) analysis, we develop the most economical decarbonization strategy for your real estate portfolio and identify all the measures required to comply with the decarbonization path by 2050. 

Are your properties prepared for the upcoming regulatory CO₂ emission requirements?

Are your properties prepared for the upcoming regulatory CO₂ emission requirements?

A carbon due diligence shows the current performance of the property in terms of CO₂ emissions and identifies all necessary steps to meet future decarbonization requirements.

The actual energy consumption and associated CO₂ equivalents are shown in the energy certificate. Comparison with future regulatory requirements is the first step in an analysis. ​​Wüest Partner’s CO₂ calculator can be used to determine the effectiveness of individual measures in terms of reducing energy consumption. This enables a precise indication of the CO₂ requirements as well as the most cost-effective renovation measures and their impact on the property’s value.

The carbon due diligence consists of a CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) assessment to determine the CRREM stranding point (CO₂ and energy) and a CO₂ balance according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard (GHGP, Scope 1 and 2), as well as an evaluation of potential improvements regarding energy-related remediation measures. The CO₂ balance is based on energy consumption and demand (heat and electricity).

The assessment is carried out through a property inspection with Wüest Visits alongside the building documentation and energy consumption data provided by you. In the carbon due diligence, the final energy demand and consumption are divided among the energy sources (electricity, district heating, natural gas, diesel, oil, etc.) and multiplied by the corresponding CO₂ equivalents. Wüest Partner checks the plausibility of the consumption data to determine the environmental key figures and supplements them where possible.

We work with engineering firms on the detailed planning, promotion, and implementation of the proposed renovation measures.

Presentation of the measure performance and stranding pointt

Presentation of the measure performance and stranding point

Carbon Due Diligence for professional real estate investors

The service is aimed at professional real estate investors who want to check their portfolios for future security or be confident they are purchasing the right properties from the offset. Carbon due diligence is also helpful when reviewing real estate financing to minimize the risk of future loan defaults.

In addition to the carbon due diligence, we also offer a real estate (RE) ESG rating assessment. This rating considers further conditions and measures that influence a property’s ESG factors, while also taking regulatory and country-specific requirements and ordinances into account.

We would be pleased to prepare a comprehensive carbon due diligence for your real estate portfolio. 

Carbon Due Diligence
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