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Excellence is our aspiration. With a comprehensive service offering of valuation, consulting, data & analytics, products, software and education, we are leading in the industries.

Reliable and comprehensive data form the basis for decisions. The systematic observation and analysis of the real estate market, combined with continuous data collection, have been part of our core expertise since 1985 and help our customers gain a knowledge advantage.

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Acting responsibly towards current and future generations is central to us: True corporate sustainability means contributing to the positive development of the real estate industry, society and the environment.

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Innovative digital solutions enable direct access to the extensive databases of the real estate market. With our knowledge, digital expertise and culture of innovation, we develop solutions that open up new dimensions for our customers.

Exclusive information, based on expertise and in-depth analysis, forms the foundation for our publications. As leaders in our field, we provide insights and enhanced decision-making, thereby advancing the sustainable development of the real estate industry.

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