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Sustainability assessment of 84 properties in three months for HanseMerkur Grundvermögen

April 6, 2023

Hans Merkur

In 2022, Wüest Partner was commissioned to assess the sustainability of the real estate portfolio of HanseMerkur Grundvermögen (HMG), one of the leading investment and asset managers in Germany. The task was to register 84 properties across Germany in around three months and develop a CO2 reduction path for them. 

“With the comprehensive analysis and structured handling of fundamental ESG issues, Hanse Merkur has had an excellent entry into the very comprehensive ESG topic area, thereby laying the foundations for the strategic further development of the portfolios. We are proud to be able to accompany HMG as consultants on this important path.” Stefan Stute, Managing Director Wüest Partner.

The first step was to acquire all available data from the client, verify it with a visit to each property, and supplement any data that was missing. The Wüest Visits solution was used to digitally record the properties and collect data in a structured manner, covering all relevant aspects from the environment to the building fabric and technical equipment. It included factors such as the condition and vegetation percentage in the building envelope, detailed issues such as the presence of nesting boxes or insect hotels, and the quality of waste separation. Each visit also consisted of ninety-minute interviews with the respective property managers, who have a profound knowledge of their properties.

In the next step, the CO2 balance of all properties was determined thanks to the recorded data and the application of Wüest Climate.

„Due to the structured data collection and valuation by Wüest Partner, we know that we are on the right track to achieving climate neutrality. Even though the need for immediate action is low in our young real estate portfolio, we will lay the groundwork for future optimizations by developing climate roadmaps.”

Ulrich Haeselbarth, CEO of HanseMerkur Grundvermögen.

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