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CO₂ & Emissions Calculator 

CO2 & Emissions

Easily determine the CO2 emissions of properties and portfolios and the pathway to reduction. This information provides optimal renovation strategies, along with corresponding investment plans. The results can be expanded for a sustainability report with environmentally relevant key figures according to AMAS or KGAST guidelines. Wüest Partner’s model is based on European standards and has been calibrated with 50,000 real energy consumptions from energy performance certificates. We offer this solution as a service or a digital solution that you can use yourself or for your clients.

What we offer 

Wüest Climate

Wüest Climate 

We calculate the CO2 figures and investments for you so you can achieve your climate targets.

Wüest Dimensions Real Estate Management Plattform

Wüest Dimensions

Evaluate your portfolio on the digital real estate management platform.

Wüest Refurb

Wüest Refurb

Determine emissions for your customers: ideal for banks during mortgage consultations.

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