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ESG-Rating Immobilien systematisch und ganzheitlich

RE ESG Rating

The holistic and systematic sustainability assessment for real estate 

The aim of Wüest Partner’s Real Estate ESG Rating is to make locations and properties comparable using numerous sustainability indicators. Three measurements of sustainability are considered: Environmental, social, and governance. 

In addition to sustainability and building certification, the three letters E, S, and G and their significance have become indispensable in the real estate industry. Social pressure on the issue of climate change is increasing from many sides. The targets of the Paris Climate Agreement must be met or exceeded, taxonomy compliance must be demonstrated, and funds must be managed and invested sustainably.

Real estate funds, portfolio holders, asset managers, project developers, and especially property and facility managers must act accordingly –– and they need support to do so.

Our RE ESG offering consists of three modules: Location, Building, and Plus. Depending on the module, more than 100 indicators are taken into account, most of which are derived from data. This eliminates subjectivity and makes the rating objective and comparable. The rating results are implicit benchmarks for the entire property portfolio. 

Using a standardized assessment matrix, scores between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent) are assigned for each indicator. This quantified form of evaluation allows properties and portfolios to be compared objectively at every level of aggregation. 

Wüest Partner’s ESG team is by your side, helping you to implement the measures you need to achieve your goals. Our data-driven and objective approach not only allows the indicators and rating to be derived efficiently and automatically, but it also eliminates the risk of greenwashing. 

ESG Circle: Environment, Social, Governance

The three RE ESG modules 

ESG Location 

Holistic location insight with 50 data-driven indicators. 

The Location module presents a holistic overview of a location, providing you with many new insights into its strengths and weaknesses. This includes future considerations, such as the effect of climate change. In total, around 50 data-derived indicators are taken into account. 

ESG Building

Data-driven building analysis using 30 indicators. 

The Building module gives you a comprehensive view of your property and portfolio, allowing you to determine the appropriate measures and strategies. The 30 data-driven indicators correspond to the building characteristics reviewed during a traditional assessment, e.g. an inspection. There are two ratings, one for investment properties and one for owner-occupied properties. 

ESG Plus

The highest level of detail, thanks to a combination of data and expert assessment. 

The Plus module provides a comprehensive ESG rating using a hybrid approach of data-based indicators and expert assessment. Properties are assessed individually based on more than 80 indicators. You receive actionable recommendations to improve the rating at asset and portfolio levels. 

All three of Wüest Partner's Real Estate ESG modules were officially recognized by GRESB as part of the 2023 Building Certification Evaluation Form

All three of Wüest Partner’s Real Estate ESG modules were officially recognized by GRESB as part of the 2023 Building Certification Evaluation Form. GRESB has established itself as the leading global benchmark system in the real estate and capital markets and is also widely used in the Swiss real estate market. The aim of the RE ESG Rating is to make locations and properties comparable by means of numerous sustainability indicators and thus to make a significant contribution to transparency in the market.

A comprehensive database 

The Location module can display the individual indicators per location in a fully automated way, using a traffic-light scale. 

A comprehensive database with ESG-Rating by Wüest Partner
Maximum transparency with RE ESG-Rating

Maximum transparency 

A separate ESG rating is provided for each building and location, broken down by the three measures above and summarized with an overall score. All the information is clearly presented via dashboards. 

Wüest Partner RE ESG Rating

Systematic benchmarking 

Wüest Partner’s RE ESG Rating enables portfolio
owners to monitor and develop their properties
in a targeted manner. 

Added value for you 

Identify opportunities and risks

Identify risks and opportunities

Systematically determine potential improvements in all three ESG areas. 

Ensure objective valuations

Ensure objective valuations 

Enable property and portfolio benchmarking with a data-based approach. 

Develop portfolios strategically

Develop portfolios strategically 

Comprehensively monitor and measure at property and company levels using our tool. 

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