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Fördergelder und Steuervorteile für energetische Sanierungen optimieren

Advice on subsidies

Optimizing subsidies and tax benefits for energy renovations

Would you like to find out more about the tax implications of energy-efficient property renovations? Or how much funding you can receive for your project? If so, the Wüest Partner team will be happy to help you.
In der Schweiz unterstützt der Staat energetische Sanierungen durch die Vergabe von Fördergeldern und Steuererleichterungen.

In Switzerland, the government supports energy-efficient renovations by awarding subsidies and tax breaks. However, as these can differ by region, it’s difficult to gain a clear overview of what is available. For this reason, Wüest Partner has developed two solutions that you can obtain through a consultation or a web application.

Keep an overview at all times to optimize your energy renovation projects.

Our solutions

Subsidy calculator

Wüest Partner prepares all the subsidies provided by the federal government, cantons, and municipalities in its specially developed subsidy calculator. The Energiefranken platform serves as the basis and is supplemented by offers from private providers and funds made available by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, which offers one-off payments for installing photovoltaic systems.

Tax calculator

Take advantage of the various tax benefits available for energy renovations like insulation, replacing fossil fuel heating, and installing photovoltaic systems. For individuals, renovating certain building components is given special fiscal consideration when calculating income tax. For legal entities, the higher the investment in these measures, the lower the income tax. The tax calculator shows the tax implications of each renovation measure.

Consultation or web application

We will be happy to advise you on which subsidies are available for your energy-efficient renovation projects and their resulting tax benefits.

For your property portfolio, we specify which subsidies you can receive to help you reach your climate targets.

The subsidy and tax calculators can also be licensed as a web application.

Moreover, financial service providers have the option of using the above solutions for a holistic perspective of their mortgage consultations through Wüest Refurb.

Example of subsidy calculations in Wüest Refurb

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