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Population forecast

Small area population forecast: obtain a view of the future

Which Swiss municipalities will experience the most growth over the next few years? How will the demographic structure develop in your region? Our small area population forecast offers a glimpse into the future.

Wüest Partner maintains a standardized population forecasting model at municipal level. The model’s core component is carefully analyzing demographic trends and future migration movements. In addition, it incorporates proprietary future indicators, such as foreseeable construction activity (including development areas), densification potential, and various attractiveness indicators. The model forecasts the permanent resident population for every municipality in Switzerland up to 2050, broken down by age, gender, and nationality. Our forecast gives you an insightful first impression of where the population in your municipality is heading.

Popular applications of this small area population forecast include student forecasts as a basis for school space planning and future demand estimates for children’s daycare or older adult care centers.

  • Cohort component kernel: Population growth with expected migration, birth, death, and naturalization rates
  • Development zones: Housing creation through large-scale development zones
  • Capacity balancing: Curbing population growth in areas with low housing potential
  • Building permits: Housing creation during short-term construction activity
  • Attractiveness ratings: Building industry-friendly policies, development plans, rent levels, housing potential, location, and market ratings all influence migration flows
  • Target scenario: Calibrating forecasts at municipal level against a chosen scenario at cantonal level

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