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Appreciation tax

Appreciation tax

Calculation and consulting on appreciation tax

The added value results from planning measures for plots of land. We assess and calculate the added value levy for municipalities and cantons and accompany you in the levy process of your private investment.

Comprehensive information platform on appreciation tax

 In collaboration with Häusermann + Partner, Wüest Partner has launched an information platform on the value-added levy. This will provide you with an overview of how the value-added levy is determined. In addition, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the current legal situation and case law.

Value-added compensation is an integral part of spatial planning. Wüest Partner has developed a reliable calculation method for determining added value. The project- and site-related value-added calculation is used to assess specific projects, sites and properties. This calculation method serves the public authorities as a binding and independent basis for the assessment of concrete added value levies.

Preparation of inventory and demand analyses at the strategic level. These serve to quantify the anticipated building zone area requirements for the coming years. The estimation of the additional demand is carried out with a comparison between the amount of existing building zone areas and the future area demand. Based on this, we develop solution strategies for the provision of the necessary areas and evaluate densification and conversion potentials as needed.

With our model calculations, we determine the amount of added value that the public sector at the level of the municipality or canton can expect in the coming years as a result of rezonings, upgrades and conversions. These calculations can be used by the public sector, e.g. for the revision of local planning and budgeting.

Accompanying investors in the process of appreciation taxation on the basis of a holistic view. Regional market knowledge and regulations as well as project-specific characteristics are taken into account. This enables the evaluation and development of solutions that are balanced for all parties involved.

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