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Massgeschneiderte Umsetzungsmodelle für preisgünstigen Wohnraum

Affordable housing

Tailor-made implementation models for affordable housing

The political demand for affordable housing is becoming increasingly louder. Wüest Partner supports Swiss municipalities and cities in developing the necessary planning and regulatory frameworks to create affordable housing.

Rising housing prices are a growing challenge for more and more people in Switzerland. At Wüest Partner, we are ready to assist you with strategic advice and specific construction projects to help you develop suitable solutions or establish guidelines for building rights allocation.

The topic of affordable housing raises a variety of questions, and we are happy to provide you with our expertise and advice.

Wüest Partner’s offering includes:

  • Creating data-based knowledge
  • Creating a data-based foundation
  • Determining the needs of the community
  • Support with specific construction projects
Preisgünstiger Wohnraum Schweiz Beratung

Our consulting approach

Creating data-based knowledge

  • What models exist for affordable housing (non-profit, low-cost, social, etc.)?
  • What is the purpose of affordable housing?
  • What is considered affordable housing, and where?
  • What political and regulatory measures can create affordable housing?
  • What is the purchasing power of a municipality?

Developing a data-based foundation

  • What options and incentives are there to ensure the realization of affordable housing?
  • What legal and regulatory framework conditions must be observed?
  • What innovative approaches can make affordable housing available to those who need it most?
  • Who are the most efficient private or public partners for the realization of affordable housing?

Determining the needs of the community

  • How do you assess the need for affordable housing in the municipality/city?
  • How is “affordable” defined in the municipality/city?
  • What are the financial implications of non-profit housing for the community (advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, risks)?

Support with specific construction projects

Unterstützung bei konkreten Bauprojekten preisgünstiges Wohnen


  • Municipality of Buchrain: Consulting for village center development
  • Bricks AG: Concepts for affordable housing

For a specific construction project in which the municipality/city is the developer or can significantly influence the allocation of building rights, Wüest Partner offers support for these issues:

  • Which private or public housing developer can best meet the requirements?
  • How can the framework conditions be defined (e.g. for institutional investors or developers) to achieve the goals effectively?
  • How are the municipality’s social and financial effects (e.g., population composition, costs, vacancy rates) estimated?
  • What models ensure apartments remain affordable in the long term and are available to the right target groups?

BWO study by Wüest Partner

On behalf of the Federal Office for Housing (BWO), Wüest Partner conducted the study “Housing policy in cities and urban communities: Needs and challenges”. Download it here free of charge (in German, Italian, and French).

Comprehensive solutions for the public sector

Building rights allocation

Support with all issues relating to building rights.

GIS Analysis

Detailed monitoring of regional market value developments through extensive data.


Comprehensive sustainability analysis and industry-leading digital solutions.


Valuation of individual and special properties as well as real estate portfolios.

School planning

Determination of long-term space requirements using detailed student forecasts.

Real estate development

Comprehensive advice on the spatial development of your municipality based on sound data.

Strategy consulting

Sustainable value creation for your real estate assets through professional strategy consulting.

Appreciation tax

Assessment and calculation of appreciation tax for municipalities and cantons.

Affordable housing

Needs assessment, knowledge transfer, and advice on low-cost housing.

Population forecast

Look into the future using a standardized population forecast model.

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