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Schulraumplanung mittels Schülerprognosen

School space planning for cities and municipalities

With comprehensive data for a forward-looking school space strategy

We use detailed student forecasts to help you determine long-term space requirements and the resulting need for action.

Population growth, the need for building densification, neighborhood development, and evolving requirements for school operations call for flexibility and a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning school spaces. This complex task holds significant importance for the spatial and financial progression of cities and municipalities.

Wüest Partner has developed a standardized student forecasting model at a municipal level. This model incorporates future indicators, such as foreseeable construction activity, densification potential, and the attractiveness of a municipality for newcomers. The model provides a careful analysis of demographic trends and future migration movements. This standardized student forecast gives you a first meaningful impression of where the development of student numbers in your municipality is heading. If you are interested, you can order it by emailing at a flat rate of CHF 450 plus VAT. You can find a description of our forecast model, including a sample student forecast here (in German).

In addition, we can respond individually to the current situation in your municipality. Comprehensive data collection, including on the topics of population development, demographics, housing occupancy, and construction activity, as well as knowledge of future trends, enables Wüest Partner to produce a detailed, locally specific school forecast. By simultaneously considering and incorporating the current school space inventory, we develop a reliable and viable school space forecast for each grade level and school location.

As a result, you receive recommendations for action derived from the analyses, which serve as a basis or supplement to a more extensive real estate strategy. Against this background, Wüest Partner supports you in strategic financial planning and strategy development as well as in the planning and implementation of construction measures. Furthermore, Wüest Partner’s consulting services always take into account all relevant sustainability factors, including economics (profitability), ecology (net-zero goals, energy efficiency, sustainability standards), and social aspects (user needs, building culture).

Wüest Partner supports cities and municipalities in the concrete implementation of school space strategies. This includes a wide range of services, from maintenance planning and the design of new construction, conversion, and expansion projects (including competition procedures, value, and cost management) to client support.

Schulraumplanung Schweiz


  • Nürensdorf School: Forecast of future student numbers and workshop on relevant developments
  • Seegräben Elementary School: Student and school space forecast
  • Oberengstringen School: Student and school space forecast, advice on development of school facilities, real estate strategy
  • Weiningen Middle School: Student and school space forecast for the conception of a new building project 
  • Sissach Elementary School: Student forecast
  • Real estate strategy for Flums
  • School space planning for Männedorf
  • Real estate strategy for the municipality of Fischenthal

A systematic approach


  • Demography
  • Population development
  • Spatial development
  • Regulators


  • Total requirements
  • Student forecast
  • School space forecast

Strategic planning

  • Supply and demand comparison
  • School space forecast
  • Development strategies
  • Sustainability
  • Economic efficiency


  • Utilization concept
  • Project definition
  • Economic efficiency
  • Process support
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Builder-owner support

Comprehensive solutions for the public sector

Building rights allocation

Support with all issues relating to building rights.

GIS Analysis

Detailed monitoring of regional market value developments through extensive data.


Comprehensive sustainability analysis and industry-leading digital solutions.


Valuation of individual and special properties as well as real estate portfolios.

School planning

Determination of long-term space requirements using detailed student forecasts.

Real estate development

Comprehensive advice on the spatial development of your municipality based on sound data.

Strategy consulting

Sustainable value creation for your real estate assets through professional strategy consulting.

Appreciation tax

Assessment and calculation of appreciation tax for municipalities and cantons.

Affordable housing

Needs assessment, knowledge transfer, and advice on low-cost housing.

Population forecast

Look into the future using a standardized population forecast model.

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