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Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Foundations for far-reaching decisions

Your advice at any stage of real estate development (idea, vision, pre-project, project, marketing, leasing, sale, use, redevelopment, etc.) until the end of the life of a property.

Expertise across the entire real estate development phase for sustainable success. 

The first step is to set the course for successful real estate development.

  • Urban, neighborhood and settlement development
  • Location and market analyses
  • Property and object evaluation
  • Acquisition Valuations
  • Target group definitions 
  • Utilization concepts
  • Product definition
  • Scenarios and risks

A clear and sustainable concept for your property. The implementation of ideas and visions is based on planning procedures and clearly formulated specifications.

  • Securing land
  • Determination of planning procedures
  • Competitions, study commissions, test planning
  • Evaluation of planning partners
  • Product definition, space program, specifications,
  • Profitability and risk analyses

The focus is on the success of the project at all levels: suitability for the users, the economic viability of the project, approvability and the long-term investment horizon.

  • Definition of standard, appearance and quality
  • Ensuring market and future viability
  • Ongoing review of profitability (investment appraisal)
  • Coordination of the specialist planning teams
  • Owner’s trust
  • Marketing strategies and concepts

Support the client during project implementation in monitoring quality, costs and deadlines.

  • Owner support/representation
  • Controlling Construction Project Management
  • Coaching, mediation
  • Marketing support
  • Project, investor and user communication

Real estate development during the utilization phase.

  • Consulting and evaluation (maintenance and repair)
  • Operational and management consulting
  • Concepts for comprehensive refurbishments
  • Conversion
  • Compaction
  • Development consulting at the end of the life cycle

Knowledge for communities of revenues and costs that will be incurred.

  • Estimation of all revenues (taxes, taxes, fees, rents) and costs (investments, infrastructure, operating costs, depreciation, etc.)
  • Presentation of financial planning over 30 years
  • Sensitivity analyses
  • Calculation of development scenarios (such as change in density, uses, time horizon, target audience) with corresponding financial outcome.

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