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Hedonic valuation

Quick and objective valuation of residential property

For sound decisions in the real estate industry. 

A qualified method for evaluating your residential property, according to internal and external aspects.

In hedonic valuation, we draw broadly applicable, reliable conclusions about your property, using a standardized procedure based on completed freehand transactions. An extensive data universe and our many years of experience have formed the basis for this method since 1999.

Hedonische Bewertung
Advantages of hedonic valuation
  • Fast and objective valuation of residential property based on data from open market transactions
  • Simple process for determining the building condition and fit-out standard
  • Consideration of the micro-location model for objective determination of location quality
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Encryption of sensitive information
  • Export function (including Microsoft Excel format)
  • Available in four languages: German, French, Italian and English
Basis and calculation methods for hedonic valuation
  • The data basis is based on more than 20,000 freehand transactions every year
  • Two independent valuation models for detached houses and condominiums
  • Quarterly update of the valuation models and the stored market data
  • Reference data at municipality and urban district level to determine macro-locations (attractiveness of the location municipality).
  • Quarterly reporting on quality standards
Digital solutions

The following web applications for the hedonic valuation for your real-estate project:

Wüest Dimensions

Wüest Dimensions

The leading platform that opens up new dimensions in real estate management and valuation. It combines all relevant valuation methods with current location and market information and incorporates benchmarks and ratings.

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