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Analyses with pinpoint precision, thanks to spatial and location-based data

Our diverse data universe allows the analysis of locations on a micro and macro level. This enables us to review the attractiveness of locations for you, and to observe value-relevant spatial developments.

Through the interdisciplinary collaboration of our spatial specialists with software engineers and data analysts, we have been able to develop a variety of innovative products.

The local infrastructure of a location is an important factor for its quality class. Points of interest cover not only retail trade, local restaurants and educational or cultural institutions, but also bus stops and their frequency of use. Even pollution agents (mobile phone antennas, high-voltage power lines, etc.) are included with pinpoint accuracy. In addition to the visual representation on a map or in a GIS tool, we also perform spatial calculations and analyses for you based on the data.

For the first time, Wüest Partner has a Switzerland-wide, geo-based database for transport infrastructure projects at local, regional and national level. It provides a basis for determining current and future development quality. The database also allows forecasts of regional developments.

Using agent-based models, the frequency of pedestrians is modeled for all streets and footpaths throughout Switzerland. The frequencies can be differentiated and analyzed according to time of day, age group and purpose of travel (e.g. shopping, education or work).

Data such as the official cadastral survey or the hazard map for populated areas forms the basis for various analyses in the search for a location.

Important site information is determined from the digital terrain model. This includes the slope, exposure, sunlight and visibility, as well as the ground cover and structural zoning. 

The distribution of the population, differentiated by age group, enables small-scale density and development analyses. Economic aspects can be covered by employment data with hectare-precision. This results in spatial data on the socioeconomic environment at the smallest spatial level.

Digital Solutions

Innovative digital solutions enable direct access to the extensive databases of the real estate market. We develop products that open up new dimensions for our customers with our knowledge, our digital expertise and our culture of innovation.

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