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A real estate strategy for Aeugst am Albis

July 6, 2022

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The municipality of Aeugst am Albis has a historically grown, valuable and rather heterogeneous stock of real estate. What was missing until now was a real estate strategy and maintenance planning geared to future needs.

With a view to future investments and a range of communal services tailored to the population and its needs, the municipality wanted to have the properties in its possession assessed and to develop a property strategy with a promising future. To create the necessary basis for this, a project team consisting of representatives of the municipality and Wüest Partner employees was formed.

The municipality’s main objectives were to increase planning security, improve cost efficiency (use of funds in line with requirements) and ensure sustainable use of the properties. To this end, the following basic principles were developed, among others:

– Survey of the building stock
– Assessment of the properties in terms of condition and quality of use
– Development of strategic principles for the entire portfolio
– Development and definition of property strategies
– Drawing up an investment and maintenance plan for optimal use over the next 20 years
– Focused consideration of three special topics:
– Renovation of the listed apartment building “Chloster”: Determination of renovation needs including rough cost estimate and proposal for further action
– Disposal of a building that is no longer needed: market value assessment, development of options for action
– Location variants for the depot and fire brigade: derivation of the space requirements, variant sketches, identification of opportunities and risks, effects on the real estate portfolio, preparation of the basis for decision-making for the municipal council.

The task was completed with the presentation of the new real estate strategy to the municipal council. Together with all parties involved, consensual solutions were worked out within the framework of the political and financial possibilities and the next steps were determined.

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