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“Lymhof”: Commissioned study on the further development of a former industrial area

June 23, 2022

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The Geistlich site, now known as “amRietpark”, is more than just a former industrial area. Anyone who develops a site here, right next to the Schlieren train station, is engaged in urban development. “Lymhof” is a place to live and work, providing a hub and a meeting place; it promotes interaction and boasts a variety of uses that add value to everyone. 

In recent years, an attractive and modern living space for all generations has been constructed, where Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG once produced glue, creating a new, dynamic quarter right next to Schlieren railroad station. 
Wüest Partner has been supporting Geistlich Immobilia AG for many years and was involved in the development of the former production site,  providing various types of consulting services. Now it was time to move forward with the development of the central construction area B3. Located directly next to the western pedestrian underpass at the railroad station, this area serves as the entry point for residents, commuters and visitors. 
Wüest Partner was commissioned to develop a site- and market-specific utilization concept together with the client and to conduct a competitive process with the participation of approved planning offices. Those invited to participate in this study were asked to submit a feasible proposal that takes the challenging conditions of the site into consideration, while promoting sustainability in all aspects. The term “melting point” formed the guiding principle of the study assignment, and the following topics were central to this idea: 

Creating a prime location 
An architecturally and urbanistically high-quality concept should create an identity for the space. Key elements of this include generosity, a versatile and scalable structure, a good quality of outdoor space and neighborhood with multifunctional uses. 

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Flexible living spaces 
Variety is an important goal. The focus is on affordable housing, where apartments have a high utility value and, at the same time, low space requirements per resident. Specifically, this means that, for example, a 4-room apartment actually has 4 lockable rooms, in addition to a large eat-in kitchen. This allows for flexible use, with one of the rooms serving either as a living room or an additional bedroom. A diverse mix of apartments with different numbers of rooms appeals to a broad target audience and a wide variety of living situations, from families and shared apartments to couples, singles, and elderly people.  

High-density and intensive land use 
According to the sufficiency principle, only as much space as necessary should be dedicated to individual living spaces. A guest house provides shared and rentable spaces, promoting social interaction, offering spatial flexibility and serving as a complement to small-scale apartments. 

Supplementary residential and public spaces on the ground floor of the guest house 
The guest house epitomizes the “melting point” idea. It features a bistro, which takes on smaller neighborhood supply functions, offers hotel and guest accomodation and provides a co-working space with meeting rooms.  

Commercial space 
A multifunctional hall offers space for innovative commercial uses, as well as rooms for social events, with duplex studio apartments on the roof. Additional commercial spaces for Rietpark and Schlieren residents will enliven the first floors of the building. 

Winning project 
Clou Architekten & Atelier Oriri Landschaftsarchitekten were announced as the winners of the competition. The judges described their submission as  “an independent project in timber construction, with well-proportioned apartments, diverse open spaces and a stimulating gatehouse design. The new public footpath between the railroad and the park truly strengthens networking in Schlieren. The small-scale setting invites you to discover and linger, and offers a pleasant alternative to the large surrounding buildings.”  

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