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Rethinking the future of Geneva as an open, inclusive and sustainable city

February 11, 2022

ville ouverte, inclusive et durable

The City of Geneva has launched an initial ‘Pilot Planning Study’ in a bid to revise its municipal masterplan. Wüest Partner is delighted to be one of the four participants of the study, in collaboration with KCAP Architects & Planners. Under the guidance of the city and Studio Paula Viganò, research will focus especially on the densification and regeneration of the city’s central districts and lake shorelines.

Behind the homogeneous architecture bordering Lake Geneva’s quaysides lie some of Geneva’s most varied and densely populated neighbourhoods. Despite being largely built-up, these areas are popular for their style, character and programmatic mix. In line with the vision of an open and accessible city for all and the definition of general societal trends, economic strategies will be established for the Geneva of tomorrow.

At the same time, the challenges of climate change require the relationship between the city’s green spaces and compact urban districts to be completely reconsidered – especially the treatment of CO2 in the process of further densification. ESG stewardship in relation to environmental, social and governance criteria will play a vital role in this process. The future of Geneva as an open, inclusive and sustainable city is at stake.