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Sub-portfolio strategy and temporary relocation planning

July 26, 2021

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Development of a sub-portfolio strategy for the administrative buildings of the city of Zurich (taking into account the development of the workforce and building maintenance) and temporary relocation planning (process planning) for the implementation of the strategy in variants. 

The result of this project is a report demonstrating the viable variants for temporary relocation planning. It is a continuation of the strategy report from 2017, and forms the basis for subsequent concrete occupancy planning and implementation. 

The temporary relocation plan deals with various fields of action. The mandatory spatial requirements must be fulfilled, possible gaps in supply must be anticipated, flexibility for new developments must be maintained, and locations must be sought for the implementation of various spatial requirement strategies. 

Taking into account the various specifications, it was possible to work out three possible variants together with the delegates of the departments. In the “ping pong” variant, an administrative building is planned as a temporary relocation building. The users move successively into the relocation building and then back to the original location. The target situation is practically identical to the initial situation. In the “chain” variant, each renovated building serves as a new location for the users of the subsequent renovation. The target situation corresponds to a relocation of addresses with location optimization through concentration of departments in official buildings. The “mixed form” variant provides for a combination of both temporary relocation concepts. The three variants were systematically examined from a user, operator, and financial perspective.

In total, more than 60 buildings, around half of the administrative buildings sub-portfolio, are involved in the relocation planning. The feasibility of possible relocations up to 2030 was examined and is currently being refined in a second phase.