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greenproperty – The quality seal for sustainable real estate

July 8, 2021

Home Decor, Office Building, Building
The « greenproperty » quality seal enables an overall assessment of properties with regard to their sustainability. 

Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management developed the greenproperty quality seal in close cooperation with the Zurich engineering company Amstein + Walthert AG. Wüest Partner accompanied this process and has been responsible for the independent testing and certification of properties in collaboration with Amstein + Walthert since the quality seal was established. It serves as a holistic assessment of real estate over its entire life cycle. A total of over 50 ecological, economic, and social criteria are assessed qualitatively and quantitatively within five dimensions: utilization, infrastructure, CO2/energy, materials, and life cycle. The quality seal has been awarded over three categories (gold, silver, and bronze) since 2009. In 2019, it was fully revised and adapted to the latest findings in the field of sustainability. The revision had the following objectives:

  • greenproperty follows the ESG approach (Environmental, Social, Governance).
  • greenproperty became more innovative with five selected innovation criteria reviewed annually.
  • greenproperty became more transparent the requirements for the ratings are available on the Internet.
  • greenproperty became more holistic and takes into account standard market seals of approval such as SNBS, Minergie, DGNB, and LEED.

In spring 2021, Pergamin II (pictured above) in the new Green City urban district in Zurich South became the first building to be awarded “greenproperty Gold” since the quality seal was revised in 2019.

How greenproperty compares to the best-known building certification systems in Switzerland is shown in an independent analysis by Amstein + Walthert AG with the following result: