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Area-wide added value calculations for the municipality of Köniz

May 18, 2021

Neighborhood, Urban, Building
The municipality of Köniz commissioned Wüest Partner to calculate the added values that arose as a result of the revision of the local planning and the associated rezonings, upgradings and conversions. 

The calculation of the added values was to be efficient and pragmatic. For the acceptance in the population it is of eminent importance that the calculation produced transparent and market-driven results at the same time.

The project was approached with the following objectives:

  • Efficient: Valuation of a total of around 400 parcels of land
  • Schematic: Equal treatment of all land owners
  • Transparent: comprehensibility of the calculation procedure
  • Pragmatic: the most important (but not all) parcel specifics should be taken into account
  • Market-oriented: parameterized on the basis of objective, effectively observable criteria

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