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Category: Valuation

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Real estate market Sustainability

10 factors that influence the value of sustainable properties

Real estate market

What can be built where it is not actually permitted to build?

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Digital Solutions

Metaverse Real Estate Industry: New World, New Rules.

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Success stories

A real estate strategy for Aeugst am Albis

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Wüest Partner

“Lymhof”: Commissioned study on the further development of a former industrial area

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Success stories

The new Potential Seeker in use: Analysis of the usage reserves of more than 150 properties.

Media release News Wüest Partner

Martin à Porta is a new member of the Board of Directors of Wüest Partner

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Media release Real estate market

Real Estate Investment Performance: Switzerland Property Index 2021

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Success stories

Everything from a single source: The Buchrain Intergenerational Project

ESG-Rating Anlagestiftung

Success stories

Profond Investment Foundation: Wüest Partner’s ESG Rating Gains Momentum

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Success stories Sustainability

Timber City event series: Using timber as a sustainable building material

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Consulting Success stories

Einsiedlerhof site development: A new administration center and parish home for Einsiedeln

Nachhaltigkeit Immobilien Investment

Real estate market Sustainability

Investor survey: The value relevance of sustainability

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Success stories

«The Circle»: Balance sheet valuation

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Success stories

Glatt Shopping Centre: Transaction valuation and consulting

Success stories

Depreciation, renewal funds and the consequences for the cost rent

ville ouverte, inclusive et durable

Success stories

Rethinking the future of Geneva as an open, inclusive and sustainable city

Wüest Partner

Media release Wüest Partner

Three new partners at Wüest Partner


ESG Sustainability

Evaluate the CO2 emissions of your properties and implement targeted measures

Success stories

Wüest Partner wins consultancy mandate for €4bn property portfolio

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Data Valuation

Data center as an investment niche for real estate investors

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ESG Sustainability

Your comprehensive solution for ESG assessments

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ESG Sustainability

The challenges of ESG ratings in real estate

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Success stories

Wüest Partner carries out valuation of Engie headquarters for Swiss Life Asset Managers

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News Wüest Partner

Wüest Partner expands in France

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Wüest Partner

Affordable commercial space in the city of Zug

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Wüest Partner

Differing developments in residential rents

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Success stories

Analyse the earthquake risk of your property portfolio with Wüest Partner

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Wüest Partner

Natural hazards: Increasing risks for real estate. Assessing risk potential.

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Success stories

Sub-portfolio strategy and temporary relocation planning

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Consulting Real estate market

Volatile construction prices

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Success stories

Real estate strategy for the municipality of Fischenthal

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Success stories

greenproperty – The quality seal for sustainable real estate

Investment potential in European cities is quite connected.

Wüest Partner

Investment potential in European cities

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Success stories

Services in combination with our digital solutions

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Data Analytics

City Ranking

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Wüest Partner

Wüest Partner receives European Real Estate 500 Strongest Growth Award Germany 2021

hotel cashflow

Success stories

Hotel cash flow diversification

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Real estate market Sustainability

Transparency obligations on climate risks – What does this mean for the real estate industry?

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Success stories

Urban heat maps

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Wüest Partner

Study on the circular economy: strategies for dealing with existing buildings

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Success stories

Benchmarking analysis Area developments

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Success stories

Covid-19 Business rents: Structural analysis

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Success stories

Climate-compatible real estate investments

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Success stories

Visits the app that intuitively digitizes properties

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Success stories

ImmoEye: Deep Learning for images of real estate

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Success stories

Area-wide added value calculations for the municipality of Köniz

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ESG Sustainability

ESG-compliant real estate valuation – status quo and outlook

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ESG Wüest Partner

Wüest Partner signs UN-supported principles for responsible investment