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Christian Hübner

Chief of Staff

«I proudly tell people around me about Wüest Partner and my work! That’s worth a lot!»

What is your mission at Wüest Partner and what does your typical workday look like?

As Chief of Staff for the Data, Analytics & Technology (DAT) division, I support the division management as a business enabler with a wide range of tasks. No two days are the same, and I enjoy that. I support the strategic process and optimize organizational processes and structures. I also manage projects to achieve our goals and enable the company to scale up. In addition, there are a lot of ad hoc and administrative tasks.

What makes working at Wüest Partner special for you?

When I was looking for a new role before joining Wüest Partner, I had clear motivation and goals. What I wanted was:

  • To transfer my skills to a new industry
  • To work in a dynamic, growth-oriented company
  • A company with a strong corporate culture and a healthy working atmosphere
  • Varied and challenging tasks
  • A meaningful role, i.e. being able to make a difference

At Wüest Partner, I can tick off all these points with a clear conscience. In my private life, I proudly talk about Wüest Partner and my work! And that’s worth a lot!

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Wüest Partner, and why?

Growth. Wüest Partner is successfully pursuing very ambitious growth targets. Our rapid growth brings with it many challenges that need to be overcome. In my role, I support the division management in tackling these issues.

How do you make an impact at Wüest Partner?

In my role, I have a good overview of the various priorities in the DAT area and beyond. This enables me to understand the interrelationships and develop a targeted basis for decision-making. I also create structure and commitment for topic implementation.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The highly motivated team. I value personal interaction and can therefore (almost) always be found in the office.