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Offer data

Offer data

Price level of the Swiss real estate market

We provide information about the current market situation and the development of the real estate market in Switzerland in the past decades, based on comparative data of real estate offers.

Since 1985, Wüest Partner has systematically collected data on real estate listings published in Switzerland. Our annual analysis amounts to approximately 600,000 properties. All data series are based on a complete survey of all relevant print media and the most important Internet platforms. This enables us to calculate representative rent and price levels in communities and neighborhoods. In addition, the supply data obtained provides a far-reaching overview of market liquidity and insertion durations, as well as general market developments since 1970.

Digital Solutions

Innovative digital solutions enable direct access to the extensive databases of the real estate market. We develop products that open up new dimensions for our customers with our knowledge, our digital expertise and our culture of innovation.



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