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Demand data

Demand data

Developing and marketing real estate in a targeted manner

We use Sinus-Geo-Milieus® to gain insights into demand behavior. This allows us to implement your preferences and requirements in demand-oriented real estate planning.


The Sinus Milieus® are a social and target group typology that segment people into 10 groups, according to their worldviews and lifestyles. This grouping takes place along two dimensions:

  • Social situation: The social situation depends largely on the income and wealth of individuals.
  • Basic orientation: Basic orientation is measured by people’s attitudes and values, including those related to work, family, leisure, media, finance and consumption.

The 10 Sinus-Milieus® differ in their consumer behavior in terms of financial opportunities, needs and preferences.  This is also reflected in the housing preferences of the groups.

The Sinus Geo-Milieus® used by Wüest Partner transfer the Sinus Milieus® into geographical space – for example, to street segments, neighborhoods and communities.

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