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Construction market data

Construction market data

Forecasts for the construction and real estate market

As a decision-maker, we provide you with well-founded forecasts of future developments in the construction market in your region.

We obtain the basic data on building applications and building permits from the information service of the Swiss trade journal “Baublatt”. We perform evaluations and calculations based on this data using our own models, which take into account not only the number of projects, but the investment volume as well.

Based on the data collected, small-scale building construction forecasts can be created for each real estate segment. This gives you a detailed overview of future construction activity in the regions relevant to you.

We perform our regional forecasts in three steps to ensure an exceptionally firm foundation:

  1. Acquisition of the individual construction projects
  2. Overall view and plausibility check of all construction projects
  3. Validation of model results by experts
Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Innovative digital solutions enable direct access to the extensive databases of the real estate market. We develop products that open up new dimensions for our customers with our knowledge, our digital expertise and our culture of innovation.

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