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Profond Investment Foundation: Wüest Partner’s ESG Rating Gains Momentum

March 23, 2022

ESG-Rating Anlagestiftung

Sustainability in all its facets is becoming increasingly important – especially in the real estate market. For this reason, the Profond Investment Foundation commissioned Wüest Partner to prepare a sustainability analysis for its real estate portfolio and to support it in making this portfolio fit for the future.

Wüest Partner already recognized the increasing importance of sustainability some time ago and therefore established its own ESG rating. This utilizes one of Wüest Partner’s strengths: the wealth of data at our disposal. 

Data-based ESG rating 

This has the following advantages: 

  • High objectivity 
  • Fast and inexpensive 
  • Transparent 

This enables an efficient assessment of the entire portfolio while revealing findings and optimization potential for individual properties.

Synergy between ratings 

Another advantage is the synergy of the ESG rating with our valuation work. When Wüest Partner evaluates a portfolio, most of the data needed for an ESG rating is already available. Since Wüest Partner has been managing Profond’s portfolio for many years, the investment foundation has been able to benefit immensely from these synergies.

Benefits of the ESG rating for Profond 

  • Profond’s employees are provided with a monitoring and measurement tool, which can be used to, for example, develop strategies and decision-making bases in the areas of redevelopment and transactions. 
  • Large amounts of data can be collected for each property. For example, data on natural hazards is now also available. 
  • The database is constantly being improved. This makes a first contribution to the digitalization of the portfolio. 
  • Problem properties and risks in the portfolio can be easily identified and prioritized accordingly. 
  • Further analyses and insights in terms of profitability and sustainability are possible. 
  • Potential for improvement in all ESG areas can be elicited. 
  • Individual indicators can be compared with a benchmark. 
  • Missing data can be collected during the next assessment cycle. 
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