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CAS Sustainable Real Estate

We are delighted to be able to offer Switzerland’s first CAS Sustainable Real Estate.

With its ten modules, the degree programme developed with the University of Basel focuses on the analysis, evaluation and transformation of real estate investments and portfolios from a sustainability perspective. It combines the latest academic research with comprehensive practical knowledge in the field of sustainable property management.

Tap into your potential to systematically and fundamentally lead property into a sustainable future with the new “CAS Sustainable Real Estate” at the University of Basel. You will receive further training with a high degree of practical relevance and an internationally recognised academic qualification (Certificate of Advanced Studies CAS).

start: 4. April 2024
registration deadline: 1. März 2024
language: Englisch

Apartment Building, Architecture, Building


Module I           Sustainable Real Estate04.04.2024Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein / Alexandros Gratsias
Module II        Emissions and Energy05./06.04.2024Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein / WüestPartner / Durable
Module III        Sustainability and Economic Viability26.04.2024Dr. Jörg Schläpfer / Rüdiger Hornung
Module IV     Real Estate Market27.04.2024Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein / Prof. Dr. Christian Kleiber / Dr. Jörg Schläpfer
Module VReal Estate Investment27.04.2024Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein /Dr. Beat Spirig
Module VISustainability Strategies17./18.05.2024Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein / Team Wüest Partner / Fredy Hasenmaile
Module VIIEstablishing Sustainability with Policy?07./08.06.2024Prof. Dr. Aya Kachi / Dr. Miriam Lüdi
Module VIIIThe Society and the Economy21.06.2024Dr. Jörg Schläpfer / Dr. Dorothea Baur
Module IXSocietal Attitudes toward Sustainable Real Estate22.06.2024Prof. Dr. Aya Kachi
Module XKnowledge Transfer22.06.24Dr. Beat Spirig
 Knowledge Tranfer – CAS Thesis23.06.-20.08.2024 
 Knowledge Transfer – Presentations20./21.09.2024Prof. Dr. Pascal Gantenbein / Dr. Jörg Schläpfer

An abridged version of the content will be taught in german in Zurich in June 2024: Nachhaltigkeit für Immobilien-Profis

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Portraitfoto von Jörg Schläpfer
Jörg Schläpfer

Wüest Partner

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+41 44 289 90 34

Crew Cut, Hair, Person
François-Xavier Favre

Wüest Partner

E-Mail to François-Xavier Favre
+41 22 319 35 15

Face, Head, Person
Barbara Pataki

Durable Planung und Beratung

E-Mail to Barbara Pataki
+41 44 517 00 51

Rüdiger Hornung Portrait
Rüdiger Hornung

Wüest Partner

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+49 89 230 24 81 10

Clothing, Formal Wear, Suit
Marc Yehya

Wüest Partner

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+33 187 653 515