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Wüest Partner Development Award

Wüest Partner Research Funding

The Wüest Partner Development Prize was awarded annually from 2011 to 2020. After the 10th award, the sponsorship prize is now being replaced by a so-called “Research Funding”. We will now provide an annual budget for the targeted funding of projects between science and practice.

For the years 2020 and 2021, Wüest Partner has launched a research project together with Prof. Philipp Thalmann as part of the “EPFL Innovators Program”, which we are co-financing with over CHF 60,000. We are also supporting the project with our experts and our extensive data pool.

Wüest Partner Development Award Winners

2020 Michael Mettler

The new Canton Basel-Stadt energy law: effect on energy consumption and CO2 emissions in residential buildings.

2019 Niels Lehmann

The opportunity cost of housing subsidies in Zurich – calculating alternative subsidy models for affordable housing.

2018 Myra Rotermund

The impact of autonomous vehicles on population distribution between urban and peripheral areas: case study Switzerland.

2017 Andreas Hitz, Matthias Hofstetter

Building lease valuation from the point of view of the mortgagee.

2016 Rinaldo Meier

The replacement of condominiums: challenges and solutions

2015 Daniela Häcki

Immigration and the Swiss Real Estate Market

2015 Fabienne Helfer

Relation between Real Estate Prices, Population Growth and Immigration in Switzerland

2014 Thomas Stiefel

Are Swiss shopping centers ready for the future? Architecture and design in the mirror of megatrends.

2013 David Schoch

Product and price differentiation via the fit-out standard for office rental space.

2012 Kilian Brühlmann

The influence of location factors and property characteristics on the success of Migros supermarkets.

2011 Marion Pfister, Vinzenz Zedi und Sandro Zimmermann

New replacement construction: barriers and incentives