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Wüest Partner wins consultancy mandate for €4bn property portfolio

November 16, 2021

Wüest Partner wins consultancy mandate
The portfolio consists of the real estate holdings of five professional pension funds pooled in Berlin at Verwaltungsgesellschaft für Versorgungswerke mbH. 

In 2020, Wüest Partner recruited Stefan Stute to manage its new office in Düsseldorf. Stute boasts many years of experience and a proven track record in investment consulting. Having spearheaded this new division for Wüest Partner since April 1, 2020, securing the contract for this extensive consulting mandate in January 2021 is Stute’s first major success for the organization. 

The portfolio, managed by more than 15 asset managers, includes properties in Germany and abroad with an investment value totalling over 4 billion euros. Aggregated reporting, including ongoing cost analysis, is managed by the staff in the Berlin office. 

Within the scope of this consultancy mandate, Wüest Partner’s comprehensive expertise in all areas of investment consulting is utilized. Consulting services include: 

  • advancing the development of investment strategies,  
  • harnessing a comprehensive investor-specific target system, 
  • carrying out manager due diligence for the questioning and assessment of the quality of property managers, 
  • compiling second opinions to verify the quality of investments and check the plausibility of their profitability. 

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