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Wüest Meta

The Sandbox Research Map

The Sandbox Research Map Wüest Meta provides new perspectives on the validation of virtual land as well as an overview of the Sandbox LAND composition, its development and valuation.

Wüest Meta is to become a dynamic analysis platform for the new digital worlds in the metaverse.

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New world, new rules

Wüest Meta supports the understanding of the metaverse The Sandbox with its own rules, currencies and units of measurement. As the logic of the real real estate market therein plays a limited role:

  • Distances can be travelled with a mouse click
  • Centers and peripheries are thus redefined
  • The offers on a land are a decisive factor in determining its value
  • Crypto instead of fiat currency and voxels for meters are considered units of measurement
wuest meta, wüest meta, metaverse
wuest meta, wüest meta, metaverse

Recognize potentials

The interactive map provides a view of potentials and the value distribution. The effective transactions are processed in real time. To enable the link to the analog world, the crypto currencies are converted into fiat currency and the blocks (voxels) into m2.

The Research Map provides new perspectives on the validation of virtual land in The Sandbox.

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