International Valuation
Comparable valuations and analyses across national boundaries.

In the ‘home markets’ of Switzerland and Germany...

With well-established processes and an efficient infrastructure, Wüest Partner unites flexible capacities, which can be utilised on short notice, as well as proximity to local markets with valuations from uniform quality, methodology and reporting. In addition to its own employees, the current network of regional valuation experts in Switzerland and Germany comprises approximately 40 employees. These employees receive ongoing specific professional training and are bound by the corporate principles, particularly with respect to impartiality and discretion. An essential component of all valuations is the verification of results by the internal cadre.

... and worldwide:

In addition to all regions in Switzerland and Germany, Wüest Partner has also been offering valuation services in international markets since 2003. The valuation services are primarily provided for internationally diversified investors who expect identical reporting and the same standards in multiple countries. This is where our international network of supporting local valuers is utilised. In total, valuations have already been conducted in over 30 international real estate markets.

Comprehensive research is carried out for the valuations. Based on the analysed data, Wüest Partner publishes a global country and metro rating twice a year.

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International Valuation