Appropriate valuation methods for individual properties and real estate portfolios.


Specialised expertise and extensive experience are the foundation for reliable consulting – from individual properties to transnational portfolios.

Transaction valuation

With individual and detailed analyses of the real estate value, Wüest Partner offers a wide range of services for the valuation of real estate transactions.

Balance-sheet preparation

As the market leader in real estate valuation of balance sheets, we prepare appropriate valuations of properties in accordance with relevant accounting standards for financial statements.

Project valuation

Wüest Partner offers both land value valuations and project valuations, taking all development risks into account.

Historical values

For example, within the scope of inheritance- and matrimonial-property legal disputes or declarations, we support you with properties’ historical market values.

Methodological competence

Our information systems and valuation applications are based on extensive databases and enable comprehensive analyses and valuations.

International Valuation

We conduct comparable, transnational portfolio and corporate valuations according to the standard valuation and accounting standards.

International Valuation
Comparable valuations and analyses across national boundaries

One half of a sound valuation consists of preferably flexible capacities, which can be utilised on short notice, as well as proximity to local markets. Uniform quality, methodology and reporting are the other half. Both are possible, but they need well-established processes and an efficient infrastructure.

International valuation global property market

Valuation Segments
We valuate thousands of properties annually.

We have been valuating all types of real estate for many years. Whether investment or operational properties, owner-occupied housing or special-purpose facilities – the valuations of real estate from private clients are treated with the same great care as those of institutional investors, real estate and construction companies or the public sector.

You will find a selection of real estate types in the subheadings – from owner-occupied housing to special-purpose properties.

Owner-occupied housing

We valuate all property types of self-utilised home ownership: floor ownership, properties in sole or co-ownership or independent and permanent building rights.

Investment properties

Investment properties can be both residential and office or retail spaces. According to the property type, we consider an adequate set of criteria when determining the market value, whereby the determined value of each property takes its special properties into account.

Corporate Real Estate

An additional valuation segment comprises ‘operational real estate’, which accounts for almost one-third of the total real estate volume in Switzerland.

Public real estate

For the federal government and various cantons, within the scope of introducing HRM2/IPSAS, Wüest Partner has already been permitted to carry out valuations of large, heterogeneous portfolios in the administrative assets by means of the real-value method.

Special-purpose properties

Special-purpose properties such as logistics properties, hotels, hospitals, car-park buildings and industrial properties require increased know-how and pose an additional risk to their owner due to their lower alternative-use capacity. On the other hand, they promise a higher return. The more specific the purpose, the more exciting the property – and Wüest Partner also provides competent consulting in this segment.