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Free products

Asking price index Nationwide and regional asking price indices for rented apartments, owner-occupied apartments, single-family houses, office, retail and industrial space.
Supra-regional transaction price index Hedonic price indices for owner-occupied apartments and single-family houses based on transaction data for the whole of Switzerland and 8 market regions (Monitoring regions).
WUPIX® Indices, adjusted for dividend payments, for shares of listed real estate companies (WUPIX-A) and listed real estate funds (WUPIX-F) together with index for real estate investment foundations (KGAST property index). The Swiss Performance Index (SPI) is also posted for comparison purposes.

Products subject to a fee

Property prices Current market prices in all property market segments for every municipality in Switzerland.
Location data Wide-ranging information on demographic structure and trends, accessibility, commuter flows, taxation, business community, employment situation, building stock, vacancy levels, development activity and property market.
Localised transaction price index Hedonic price indices for owner-occupied apartments and single-family houses for 106 MS-regions differentiated by property type, based on transaction data.
Locational description Locational assessment with regard to single and mixed uses in residential and commercial sectors.
Development land prices Square-metre prices for development land with full infrastructure provision by planning zone and locational quality within the municipality.
Location and market rating Overall and partial ratings as well as optional indicators which are differentiated by type of use for all Swiss municipalites for the most recent two-and-a-half year period.

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