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Square-metre prices for development land with full infrastructure provision by planning zone and locational quality within the municipality.

The development land prices take the form of modelled values. These are calculated as the current market values of standard properties minus the associated construction costs (residual method). Further details on the development land prices are provided in the methodology.

Owner-occupied accommodation, typically single-family houses, is assumed for residential zones with low plot ratios, while rented apartments are assumed for residential zones with high plot ratios. No additional allowance is made for special zones, e.g. central/core zones or zones for public buildings.

Nor is any account taken of municipality-specific planning density provisions regarding e.g. comprehensive development, cubage/plot area ratios, set-backs etc. Typical plot ratios are applied for all municipalities.

Development land prices are posted for the selected municipality, surrounding spatial mobility region and surrounding canton. In the case of Switzerland's five major cities (Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne and Geneva), district-specific queries are also possible (further details are provided under Information on geographical breakdown).

The posted information implies neither the availability of relevant development land reserves in the selected municipality nor the existence of the relevant planning zones in all municipalities.

In various cantons, the effective (property transfer) transaction prices are obtainable from the cantonal statistics offices.

Base data

Development land prices
Source: Wüest Partner AG
Survey status: 2019-09-30
Last update: 2019-10-01
Next update: 2020-04-05
Geographical coding: OG-2019