Online-Services Extensive data on the real estate market


The online services should function satisfactorily with all standard, up-to-date browsers and under any operating system.

The following browsers have been tested:

Operating system Browser
Windows Internet Explorer 11
Windows Mozilla Firefox 31
Mac OS X Safari 6.0.5
Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 31
Mac OS X Google Chrome 36

Browser settings

Cookie transmission needs to be enabled.

Other programs

Installation of the Acrobat Reader program is required for viewing and printing results in PDF format. This is obtainable free of charge at


Use of the online services is only possible where the HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure) is able to pass any firewall (often referred to as ęproxyĽ) installed by your company.

HTTPS enables the encryption of data transmitted between your browser and the WŁest Partner server and is used for the secure transfer of sensitive information (user IDs, passwords etc.).

In case of doubt, please consult your system administrator.