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An easy-to-use navigation system provides access to our online services:

Your current position on the website is indicated by the bold-type heading in the left-hand, coloured navigation bar.

You can click on other headings whenever required to move up any number of levels in the navigation structure. Click on the logo to return to the start page.


The paid services are briefly outlined on the relevant start pages. Additional details on the product and interpretation of results are provided under the sub-menu heading «Information». A sample results page is shown under the sub-menu heading «Example».

If you have not yet registered with Wüest Partner or the SaferPay service, a registration form will first appear when you attempt to use a paid service (see also Payment methods). After you have registered, this mask will be replaced by the query submission form, which you can then fill out.

Account information

If you are using Wüest Partner's prepayment system to pay for those services subject to a fee, details of your account balance are accessible under Account information. You can also use this page at any time to top up your account.

Copying of results tables

To copy tabular results into a spreadsheet program for further processing, please proceed as follows:

  1. Call up the source text of the results page using the command «Display source text» («Page Source») in the «View» menu.
  2. Mark the entire source text using the CTRL-A shortcut and copy to the clipboard using CTRL-C.
  3. Activate the spreadsheet window and insert the clipboard contents using CTRL-V.