Online-Services Extensive data on the real estate market

Provided all technical requirements are met, the results of queries may be provided in either of two output formats:


Where HTML (hypertext markup language) is selected, the results are displayed directly in the browser, i.e. no additional software is needed for viewing or printing. Moreover, it is relatively easy to copy HTML-formatted tabular information into other applications for further processing (see: Operation guidance).

Given the use of links to embed graphics and the difficulty of controlling page breaks in HTML documents, this format is not particularly suitable for generating archivable documents or printing longer files (e.g. location datasets).


Where PDF (portable document format) is selected, the results are output as a downloadable file. While this format is ideal for archiving purposes, e-mail attachments and long printouts, it requires installation of the Acrobat Reader program.

This is obtainable free of charge at

Testing of output format

Prior to downloading PDF documents in connection with our paid services, we recommend that you test your computer installation by accessing some of the freely available data (e.g. asking price index).