Online-Services Extensive data on the real estate market

Please read these general terms and conditions (GTC) before using the online services provided by WŁest Partner AG. By using online services, you agree to be bound by the GTC.

1. General Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all online services between the client and WŁest Partner AG. The version valid at the time the contract is concluded shall apply.

These terms and conditions shall be deemed to have been accepted without reservation by the client at the latest upon completion of the online order, the signing of the contract or with the first utilisation of the online services of WŁest Partner AG. General Terms and Conditions of the client are not an integral part of the contract.

2. Services of WŁest Partner AG

The content and scope of the individual online services can be found in the separate descriptions of services on this website. WŁest Partner AG aims to render its services round the clock, fault-free and without interruptions, but does not guarantee constant uninterrupted access to its services. WŁest Partner AG does not guarantee that its online services can be used without any difficulties by all client devices.

3. Prices

The valid prices for the respective online services of WŁest Partner AG are published on this website. WŁest Partner AG is entitled to change the published prices for online services at any time. Price changes come into force immediately after their publication on the website or at the latest when the order is renewed or the service ordered for the first time.

4. Payment conditions

4.1 Unique requests in online services are paid for by credit card. As soon as the client sent the credit card information required by WŁest Partner AG, the online services will be made accessible for him. Payment is processed over an external payment service. WŁest Partner AG saves no credit card information.

4.2 The online subscription payment is made upon receipt of invoice. It is payable within 30 days of the invoice date. During the period of validity of the subscription, subscription charges are owed, irrespective of whether the client actually uses the services offered by WŁest Partner AG. The subscription expires when the query credit is used up, at the latest however at the expiry of the period of validity.

5. Default

In cases where no payment is made by the end of the payment period in the invoice, the client is in default, with no reminder being sent, and owes WŁest Partner AG the statutory default interest in addition to the amount of the invoice. WŁest Partner AG is also entitled to suspend its services to the defaulting client without prior notification.

6. Prohibition of set-off

The client is not entitled to retain or to offset against counterclaims any due payments, unless these counterclaims are expressly recognised in writing by WŁest Partner AG or are established in a legal judgement.

7. Prohibition of assignment/cession

The client is not entitled to assign or cede rights and obligations in connection with the online services of WŁest Partner AG to a third party.

8. Use of data and information

Online services data is exclusively intended for the use and general information of the client and may not be passed on to third parties without the written consent of WŁest Partner AG.

The data and information on this website do not represent an offer or a recommendation to buy or sell a real estate property, a security or to participate in a particular trading strategy. The data is also not to be viewed and used as a recommendation for investment or investment advice. The data and information represent general information and therefore contain no specific valuation of a particular property at a particular point in time.

9. Liability of WŁest Partner AG

9.1 Liability for data

Although WŁest Partner AG prepares the data carefully, it cannot guarantee its correctness. The data relates to estimates, which by the very nature of the system are to a certain degree inaccurate. For this reason WŁest Partner AG accepts no liability for the objective correctness, accuracy, completeness and topicality of the information and data provided. WŁest Partner AG also does not guarantee the contents of data as regards its marketability or suitability for a particular purpose.

9.2 Exclusion of liability

WŁest Partner AG is only liable for losses caused intentionally or through gross negligence.

Liability of WŁest Partner AG for losses, which accrue to the client indirectly or directly from an interruption in access to the information and services of WŁest Partner AG, is excluded.

9.3 Limitation of liability

The total liability of WŁest Partner AG is limited to the amount owed according to the online order.

10. Contract-violating and improper use of online services

Only the respective client is permitted to use information and data provided by WŁest Partner AG in any form. Any other use is considered contrary to contract and improper, particularly the transfer to or use by other persons without prior written consent of WŁest Partner AG. This applies accordingly to the creation of electronic media and printed media for the purposes of distributing data and information.

The client is responsible for storing his user name and password discretely. He undertakes to inform WŁest Partner AG immediately if he becomes aware that his login information has been used without authorisation.

11. Intellectual property

All rights in intellectual property in terms of data and information of WŁest Partner AG remain with WŁest Partner AG or with authorised third parties. The data may not be used particularly as a basis for financial instruments (including passively managed funds and index-dependent derivative securities) or for checking other data or indexes without prior written consent of WŁest Partner AG.

12. Severability clause

Should a provision of these GTC become ineffective or void, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions shall remain unaffected. Instead, the provision concerned shall be replaced by a provision, which comes closest to the economic purpose intended. This applies accordingly to gaps or omissions.

13. Changes to these GTC

WŁest Partner AG is entitled to amend or adapt these GTC at any time. The current version of the GTC can be viewed on and downloaded at any time from the WŁest Partner AG website.

14. Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

The online services of WŁest Partner AG and agreements between WŁest Partner AG and clients are subject to Swiss law (excluding conflict law).

For all disputes between the client and WŁest Partner AG in connection with online services, Zurich 1 is deemed to have exclusive jurisdiction.