Transaction valuation
Wide range of valuation services for real estate transactions.

Within the scope of transactions for new or existing properties, the following are Wüest Partner's particular strengths:

  • Property inspection
  • Compilation of background data
  • Estimation of latent renovation costs
  • Estimation of market rents
  • Estimation of value-adding potentials
  • Market valuation

Our service offer for the valuation of real estate transactions covers the following areas:

Acquisition valuations

Wüest Partner conducts independent market valuations for the individual and detailed examination of real estate values. We possess the required market, technical and methodological knowledge for this and are able to value all property types around the world. Being embedded in a globally close-meshed network of local partners enables us to exchange information at a locally granular level. Our independence guarantees an assessment that is as unbiased and objective as possible.

Due diligence

Wüest Partner offers its services as a generalist for due diligence with meticulous, detailed audits of real estate purchases or assists with the organisation and management of due diligence teams. Our customers receive all the results in a comprehensive, clearly structured and understandable report.

Asset swap

We can assure a fair value basis for the involved parties in asset swaps and can act as a consultant or deal with the supervision of transactions.

Second opinion

Our second opinions are made in various detail and depth. A typical case is the plausibility verification of local valuation reports, that have to withstand Swiss regulations and auditing standards.

Transaction valuation