Analyses and studies
Relevant, clear and well-structured information.

Wüest Partner provides impartial, current and relevant information and research, which contributes to the transparency and objectivity of the debates. We are very happy about the strong interest in our findings.

The systematic observation, analysis and interpretation of all relevant markets have always belonged to our core competencies. In addition to current market developments not only in our core markets in Switzerland and Germany but also worldwide, we focus on structural issues relevant to globally active investors. Insights are published periodically as well as on an ad-hoc basis.

Real estate market research

Our research work consists of the observation of all market segments, preparation of market indicators, conception and updating of property- and location-oriented spatial and management information systems, creation of global country and metro ratings, econometric fundamental analyses as well as national and regional price forecasts.

Individual reports

We have supported various institutions in the preparation of market reports as well as the analysis of individually selected real estate market data for a long time. The reports serve as an effective PR instrument and are used in customer meetings. In addition to our real estate expertise, customers especially appreciate the regional focus.

Framework studies

Wüest Partner publishes studies on numerous topics, including:

  • Real estate investments: Application of portfolio theory to real estate investments; pricing and option models as well as market-risk modelling.
  • Regional economy: Investigation of urban and regional economic structures and key sectors; analysis of location qualities and factors.
  • Spatial and demographic development: Modelling of specific demographic and employment trends; determination of need for buildings and other facilities.
Analyses and studies