Conclusive comparisons of global real estate markets.

International ratings

With our Wüest Partner Country and Metro Rating we have made all countries and selected major metropolitan areas comparable by means of a systematic analysis. Individual variables of the country- and metro-specific features are evaluated and a subsequent overall assessment of the country risk and attractiveness of a metropolitan area is generated. The ratings provide guidance to investors optimising their global allocation. In addition to the overall ratings, several baskets of criteria are designated to depict the specific appeal of a country or city with regard to these individual features.

Country ratings

The country rating provides details on locational quality, resulting from demographics, economic health, institutional stability and external vulnerability. It also characterises the local real estate market with regard to real estate and infrastructure standards. The ratings take the perspective of (institutional) investors aiming at diversifying their portfolio.

Metro ratings

Wüest Partner has developed a global metro rating. The metropolitan areas are valuated based on their country risk, demographics and economic strength. Global importance, social quality and natural risks are further considered. Local real estate market characteristics complete the overall metro rating. This instrument provides internationally active investors with a clear overview of initial reference points and comparisons for a location. The objective of this rating is to identify the most attractive cities for real estate investments worldwide.


Rating methodology